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Special Prices for Customized Coaching Service

Change Your Life

1 hour 200 TL

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching program within is unlike any other coaching program. I am aware that everyone who walks through my door has special requirements and needs in terms of coaching expectations and economic situation. That's why I offer as flexible options as possible in my Personal Coaching package. Call me, let's get to work right away.

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4 sessions 800 TL

Relationship management

With, I offer my clients the support and guidance they need at reasonable prices. Whether you're working with a Coaching Professional for the first time or for a long time, Relationship Management is a great option for everyone. Make an appointment now and get one step closer to perfect results.

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4 sessions 950 TL

Professional Goal Setting

Professional Goal Setting is one of the most popular and successful coaching packages I offer. I developed your Professional Goal Setting sessions, which you can take individually or as a group, inspired by the knowledge, experience and strategies I have gained over many years as a Coaching Specialist. Contact for more information and reserve your place in the program now.

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