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How To Get Songs On Itunes Without Buying Them

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As someone who has bought hundreds of songs and albums on iTunes, I am bitterly disappointed about the latest iTunes 'update', and I cannot figure out how to buy songs or albums now, on my laptop, without joining Apples subscription service (tried it once, and I thought it was awful). I'm a 35 year user of Apple products, and I feel like I am being inexorably driven away, and Apple is slowly turning into Google. Really disappointed

I recently bought an album without having subscription to Apple Music. I was able to listen to it for a few days, but then it disappeared. Also I am not able to listen to other previously downloaded songs and albums (when I was on a trial period). I can only listen to 1-2 albums downloaded a long time ago. What is Apple's policy on this Can I buy and listen to music now and then but without subscribing

Apple stupidly decided to separate the buy music part in music (used to be itunes) and now make you open up itunes to buy music. you can't buy music in music no longer only sign up for music subscription which will keep you in an infinite loop to join. Not at all wise, but remember Apple prides itself on not listening to the consumer but telling them.

Apple users used to listen to music by purchasing songs from iTunes. But as Apple Inc. launched Apple Music that replaces iTunes with online streaming. As an Apple Music subscriber, you can play and download songs without buying it. If you're not subscribing to Apple Music and don't want to get the service in the future, you can still buy iTunes music with your Apple account. Here's how to buy iTunes music on iPhone, Mac, or Windows.

After buying music from iTunes, then you can download your purchased songs from iTunes to your device. Now you can download music you've purchased from the iTunes Store to your computer or your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Follow the below steps to download purchased songs from iTunes.

In the past, people bought physical copies of their favorite album and they can play those songs anywhere. However, now as streaming music services keep booming, people can hardly feel the joy of owning music anymore. Thankfully, there's a way to keep your purchased iTunes music forever and play them anywhere you want. With ViWizard Audio Converter, you can download all your favorite songs and save them to your computer in MP3 or other popular formats. Then you can keep these iTunes songs forever and stream them anywhere.

Remember, you can download your most-loved albums on Spotify for offline listening. However, you cannot export them outside the Spotify ecosystem. On the other hand, buying music means you get to keep it for life, whether in mp3 format, CD, or vinyl.

There are lots of programs that can convert songs from one format to another, including from iTunes to MP3. That's great, but in most cases, you don't need them. Unless you have very specific needs (such as FLAC; if you don't know that is, chances are you don't need it), don't spend the money on audio-conversion software. Just use iTunes.

With WALTR PRO, blow life into those old iPods laying somewhere around your house and update them with the latest music. Go ahead and download thousands of songs to your iPods at once by transferring entire folders with WALTR PRO.

With WALTR PRO, transfer entire folders of songs to your iPod by just dragging and dropping them into the app. Listen to your favorite music without having to worry about the internet or battery life. With better sound quality, better battery life, and better storage options, what else do you need

Another nice feature is the ability to "star" songs or groups of songs for offline play. Dropbox is a super easy way to get new songs onto your iPhone and play them anywhere, anytime. If only you could create playlists, I may never need another music player again.

Any media file that you have on your iPhone can be imported into your media library. If friends send you songs via email or if you download some music from


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